• development and construction

  • Project management in all phases

  • Improvements with innovative processes

  • Support in the choice of material

  • Cost reduction of existing ceramic parts



BSQ TECH GmbH offers you professional support in the field of product engineering and development.

“We have set ourselves the fixed goal of placing customer needs in the foreground , because technical ceramics offer a lot of possibilities and we can offer you individual solutions with our know-how.

  • We have a detailed development process for technical ceramics

  • We have a detailed manufacturing process for technical ceramics

  • We have a structured process for individual products in technical ceramics

We are your expert in lowering the cost of your existing technical ceramic products.



  • Describe the product and its benefits

  • Create and test a design concept

  • Describe application and functionality in detail

  • Elaborate technical drawing

  • Define technical ceramics (Al2O3, ZrO2, SiC, Si3N4)

  • Market and sales volume must be known

  • The customer has to release a realizable budget for the development and implementation


  • Process phase steps from prototype to series production

  • Determine the manufacturing process of the technical ceramics in detail

  • Evaluate and qualify suppliers according to manufacturing processes

  • Define goals

  • quality

  • Technically

  • time

  • Delivery and packaging

  • Compliance with standards

  • Set prices and quantities

  • Desired prices from the customer

  • Realizable prices from the supplier


To plan

  • Recognizing potential for improvement

  • Analysis of the current state

  • Develop new concepts


  • Practical optimization of the concept


  • Results are carefully checked


  • Introduce guidelines across the board

  • commit

  • regularly checked for compliance


The manufacturing process of technical ceramics is very complicated and can only be properly understood by experienced engineers and only they can respond to the individual wishes of customers in various industries.

The individual processes are very well described under Technical Ceramics and give you an insight into which steps have to be implemented until you have your finished part on the table.

We are happy to take over these individual steps for you and manufacture your products using the latest methods in technical ceramics.

Our process for your individual products

  1. We offer you intelligent solutions and use the latest manufacturing processes for technical ceramics.

  2. We offer you our partnership for long-term projects and share a proportion of the costs of your product idea.

  3. Due to the many possibilities offered by technical ceramics, we offer you our engineering knowledge to improve and cost-effectively manufacture your products.

  4. If you want to have your existing technical ceramic products checked again and to reduce the manufacturing costs, then we can help you with our know-how.

  5. We can provide you with an offer at your desired quantities, desired price and desired quality at any time.

  6. If you are interested in increasing the service life of your products, technical ceramics offer excellent solutions that we can manufacture for you at any time.

  7. If you want to achieve a general overhaul and improvement of your products and thereby improve the performance, then we can be very happy to help you.

If you would like to send us your request or if you have general questions, we ask you to inform us without hesitation when you call or send them by email.